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Samedi 21 Juillet 2018

 Msi Z170A TOMAHAWK (MS7970) Bios Version 1.D
 Msi Z170A KRAIT GAMING R6 SIEGE (MS7A11) Bios Version 1.B
 Msi Z170A GAMING M5 (MS7977) Bios Version 1.L
 Msi Z170A GAMING M3 (MS7978) Bios Version A.D
 Msi Z170A-G45 GAMING Bios Version 2.D
 Msi Z170A GAMING PRO (MS7984) Bios Version 1.G
 Msi Z170A KRAIT GAMING Bios Version A.F
 Msi Z170A GAMING M9 ACK (MS7966) Bios Version 1.D
 Msi Z170A TOMAHAWK AC (MS7970) Bios Version 1.D
 Msi Z170I GAMING PRO AC (MS7980) Bios Version 1.E
 Msi Z170M MORTAR Bios Version A.C
 Msi Z170A GAMING PRO CARBON (MS7A12) Bios Version 1.A
 Msi Z170A-G43 PLUS (MS7970)Bios Version 1.B
 Msi Z170A KRAIT GAMING 3X Bios Version 2.B
 Msi Z170A MPOWER GAMING TITANIUM (MS7A16) Bios Version 1.6
 Msi Z170-A PRO (MS7971) Bios Version 1K
 Msi Z170 KRAIT GAMING Bios Version B.F


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Vendredi 20 Juillet 2018

 Msi Z270 GAMING PRO (MS7A59) Bios Version 2.7
 Msi Z270 GAMING M3 (MS7A62) Bios Version 1.7
 Msi Z270 GAMING PRO CARBON (MS7A63) Bios Version 1.9
 Msi Z270 KRAIT GAMING (MS7A59) Bios Version A9
 Msi Z270 GAMING M5 (MS7A78) Bios Version 1.A
 Msi Z270 GAMING M6 AC (MS7A78) Bios Version 1.A
 Msi Z270 XPOWER GAMING TITANIUM (MS7A58) Bios Version 1.6
 Intel Optane Memory System Acceleration Version WHQL
 Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST) Version WHQL


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Mercredi 18 Juillet 2018

Realtek RTL8152B & RTL8153 Drivers Version 10.25.0704.2018 WHQL
Realtek RTL8723BE Wireless LAN Version 2023.79.0606.2018 WHQL
 Msi Z370 GAMING M5 (MS7B58) Bios Version 1.5
Intel Management Engine (ME) Firmware Version (LP)(1.5Mo)
Intel Management Engine (ME/AMT) Firmware Version (LP)(5Mo)
Intel HD & Iris Graphics Drivers Version WHQL
 Msi Z87-G45 GAMING (MS7821) Bios Version 1A4 beta
Realtek RTL-81xx Drivers Version 10.028.0615.2018 WHQL
DisplayLink Graphics Drivers Version 8.5.3739.0

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