lan Intel I225-V/I225-LM Rev 1.x Lan Controllers Firmware Version 1.89

Can nvmupdatew64e "see" the NIC?

Can you post the content of:

nvmupdatew64e.exe -i -l yourlogname.log

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Hello everyone,
I think I can help some of you. The vulnerability of this i225-v card makes it probably 'unbrickable'. Yes, it is true. I wanted to create an universal program for fixing Intel cards but there are few problems. 30% of the bricked cards need the user to make a short-circuit on the card's memory chip and then flash the self-made file with a proper checksum.

Shorting the pins is safe but it needs to be done carefully and a choice of the pins depends on the used firmware's chip. Also building the own file is not easy for beginners.
I am still looking for an easier solution and maybe one day I will be able to release the program or write an article with a procedure. For now, there is too much possible ways and my apps are not ready to publish.

For now, I help people to unbrick their network cards using the remote desktop. Firstly I create the proper file and then I use my own apps for the remotely unbricking the card.
If shorting the pins is needed, I recognize the chip and looking into its datasheet, I tell which pins the user needs to connect. It all sounds very risky but believe me - it is safe and last 5 minutes. And of course 70% of the bricked cards don't need shorting. Only few minutes of using a software for recovering the firmware and eeprom. If someone is interested, write me an email with any info, screens, backups, etc. I will look into them and determine a way of the unbricking. The majority of time takes me creating the proper file. After that I need about 5 minutes in the remote desktop (teamviewer or whatever... just need to see some values and calculate).

PS. I've unbricked ~30 cards already with 100% of a success. Mostly the integrated cards on Gigabyte mainboards.

PS2. I don't have much time for that but I would try to answer everybody. Please be patient.

PS3. Has anyone an access to the latest Intel Network Connection Tools (Quartzville) and would provide me those files? The 1.89 firmware has some improvements and older versions of tools don't fully work (ex. full eeprom erase, 1.89's eeprom has auto-recovery function).

PS4. I didn't know that this forum doesn't allow PMs.. Contact me:
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hi, i have installed this 1.89 version on my card and i want to return back to the previous version 1.58 if i'm not wrong, i made a backup before update to this version, there's some way to restore the previous version using the backup file?
by Avirun

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Yes, it is possible. Read my post above. Contact me Send me your backup and tell how you was updating the firmware to 1.89 version and your card/motherboard model.
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I also encountered the same problem in Win11 and the problem persisted even after shutting down VBS.
Do you have any solutions now?

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