intel Management Engine (ME) Firmware Version (LP)(1.5&5Mo)
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intel Management Engine (ME) Firmware Version (LP)(1.5&5Mo)


  • Intel Management Engine (ME) Firmware Version (LP)(1.5 & 5Mo)
  • Origine: 
  • Date & Version:  2021/03/04, (1.5 & 5Mo) 
  • Chipset Stepping: CNP-LP-A
  • Region: Extracted
  • SKU: Consumer  & corporate LP (1.5Mo & 5Mo)
  • PMC: (18/03/21)
  • Pour: Intel 400 Serie
  • Power Management Controller:
  • Inclus: Flash, Info tools & Firmware.
  • Note: FWU Image for local FW update.
  • Release:
    [Important] Mitigated the following security vulnerabilities:CVE-2020-8704, CVE-2020-24507, CVE-2020-24516, CVE-2020-8703, CVE-2020-2450
    (Fix) Fixed an issue wherein RCO power-down command results in power-cycle after 1 selective-suspend entry even if it is no longer in SS.
    (Fix) Fixed an issue wherein UUT could not wake up from S3/S4 after plug LAN cable when do Wake on Link test
    (Fix) Fixed an issue wherein IsPasswordSet value shows false after set admin/system psw locally 
    (Fix) Fixed an issue wherein system is not receiving Link-Up Indication on LAN in a timely manner
    (Fix) Fixed an issue wherein SUT could not find Intel® ME client when flash BIOS via fpt.efi -f BIOS -savemac on shell mode>
    [Important] Mitigated the following security vulnerabilities:CVE-2020-24586, CVE-2020-24587, CVE-2020-24588
    (New) Updated FWUpdate.exe tool to version 3.6.6.
    (Fix) Fixed an issue wherein updating to Intel® ME FW resulting in a ~3 seconds increase to system boot time.> 
    [Important] Mitigated the following security vulnerabilities:
    CVE-2020-8753, CVE-2020-8744, CVE-2020-8745, CVE-2020-8705, 
    CVE-2020-8757, CVE-2020-8756, CVE-2020-8760, CVE-2020-8751, 
    CVE-2020-8754, CVE-2020-8747, CVE-2020-8746, CVE-2020-8749, 
    CVE-2020-8752, CVE-2020-12297, CVE-2020-12303, CVE-2020-12356 - (New) Updated FWUpdate.exe tool to version 3.6.3.
    (Fix) Fixed an issue wherein the system cannot Power on after entering S3/S4 and waiting for about 5 mins
    (FIx) Fixed an issue wherein the Intel(R) AMT WebUI cannot be reached after checking WebUI from local in unprovision state.
    (Fix) Fixed an issue when running Intel(R) ME Tool systems goes into recovery mode and audio device unable to work.>
    [Important] Mitigated the security vulnerability CVE-2020-8758.
    (New) Updated FWUpdate.exe tool to version 3.5.1.
    (Fix) Fixed an issue where Intel(R) ME goes into recovery mode and Audio device does not work.
    (Fix) Fixed an issue where system might hang on black screen with power LED on during S5.>
    [Important] Mitigated the following security vulnerabilities:- CVE-2020-0534, CVE-2020-0536, CVE-2020-0539, CVE-2020-0541, CVE-2020-0542.> 
    [Important] Address security vulnerability issues CVE-2019-6173 and CVE-2019-6196.
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Fdrsoft (admin)
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File Version: (LP)(1.5&5Mo)
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03 May 2021
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