Asmedia ASM-106x Sata 6G controller Drivers Version WHQL
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Asmedia ASM-106x Sata 6G controller Drivers Version WHQL


  • Date & Version du drivers: 08/21/2017, (Update 02/11/18)
  • Origine:
  • WHQL: oui 21/05/18 (Update)
  • Officiel: non
  • Sous:
  • - Microsoft* Windows* Server 2003 & Microsoft* Windows* Server 2003 x64 Edition
  • - Microsoft* Windows* Server 2008 &  Microsoft* Windows* Server 2008 x64 Edition
  • - Microsoft* Windows* Vista &  Microsoft* Windows* Vista x64 Edition
  • - Microsoft* Windows* Server 2008R2 &  Microsoft* Windows* Server 2008R2 x64 Edition
  • - Microsoft* Windows* Win7 &  Microsoft* Windows* Win7 x64 Edition
  • - Microsoft* Windows* Win8 &  Microsoft* Windows* Win8 x64 Edition
  • - Microsoft* Windows* Server 2012 &  Microsoft* Windows* Server 2012 x64 Edition
  • - Microsoft* Windows* Server 2012R2 &  Microsoft* Windows* Server 2012R2 x64 Edition
  • - Microsoft* Windows* Win8.1 &  Microsoft* Windows* Win8.1 x64 Edition
  • - Microsoft* Windows* Win10 &  Microsoft* Windows* Win10 x64 Edition (RS3/RS4)
  • Systemes: 32/64bits (X86 & X64)
  • Pour: Asmedia 106x SATA Host Controller Drive
  • Codes IDS:
  • PCI\VEN_1B21&DEV_0611.DeviceDesc ='Asmedia 106x SATA Controller'
    PCI\VEN_1B21&DEV_0612.DeviceDesc ='Asmedia 106x SATA Controller'
    PCI\VEN_1B21&DEV_0601.DeviceDesc ='Asmedia 106x SATA Controller'
    PCI\VEN_1B21&DEV_0602.DeviceDesc ='Asmedia 106x SATA Controller'
    PCI\VEN_1B21&DEV_0614.DeviceDesc ='Asmedia SATA Express Controller'
    PCI\VEN_1B21&DEV_0615.DeviceDesc ='Asmedia SATA Express Controller'
    PCI\VEN_1B21&DEV_0620.DeviceDesc ='Asmedia 106x SATA Controller'
    PCI\VEN_1B21&DEV_0621.DeviceDesc ='Asmedia 106x SATA/RAID Controller'
    PCI\VEN_1B21&DEV_0622.DeviceDesc ='Asmedia 106x SATA/RAID Controller'
    PCI\VEN_1B21&DEV_0624.DeviceDesc ='Asmedia 106x SATA/RAID Controller'
    PCI\VEN_1B21&DEV_0625.DeviceDesc ='Asmedia 106x SATA/RAID Controller'
  • Release note : Certification Windows 10 RS3/RS4
  • Langues: Multi: oui
  • English (United States), Japanese, Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Basque, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (PRC), Chinese (Taiwan), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch (Netherlands), Finnish, French (Canada), French (France) German (Germany), Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian (Italy), Korean, Norwegian (Bokmal), Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Serbian (Cyrillic), Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish (Traditional Sort), Swedish, Thai, Turkish
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Fdrsoft (admin)
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3 372 630 octets
File Version: WHQL
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Submitted On:
02 Nov 2018
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