Intel Management Engine (ME) Firmware Version (S&H)(1.5 & 5Mo)
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Intel Management Engine (ME) Firmware Version (S&H)(1.5 & 5Mo)


  • Date & Version:  2020/02/18, (1.5 & 5Mo)
  • Region: Stock
  • SKU: Consumer & corporate H
  • Production Version: Yes
  • Pour: Intel KBP/BSF-H A series Chipset
  • Inclus: Flash/Info tools & firmware 
  • Xeon CPU ->
  • Core CPU ->
  • Release note:

    • Security update.
    • Resolved a TLS provisioning issue resulting in a yellow bang on the Management Engine Interface device in the Device Manager.


    • supersedes all 11.11.xx.yyyy versions of ME FW.
    • [Z4 G4 Xeon] Added support for W-2200 series and W-3200 series CPUs.
    • [Z4 G4 Core] Added support for Core i9-10900 X series CPUs


    • [Z4 G4 Xeon/Core] Security update.
    • Fixed an issue where MEInfo may incorrectly report the status of AMT (enabled vs disabled)


    • [Z4 G4 Xeon/Core] Security update.


    • [Z4 G4 Xeon/Core] Security update.
    • [Z4 G4 Xeon] Resolves an issue where MEInfo returns incorrect MEI driver versions.
    • [Z4 G4 Xeon] Resolves AMT provisioning issues.
    • [Z4 G4 Xeon] Resolves an intermittent PXE issue when AMT is configured (unable to PXS boot).
    • [Z4 G4 Xeon] Resolves an issue when disabling AMT via ME FW, after AMT is configured, AMT is not fully disabled.


    • Security update.
    • Resolves an issue with AMT being erroneously enabled, while being disabled in user caps rules.
    • Fixes an issue where the system cannot power on after enabling or disabling AMT in the BIOS menus.


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! Station-Drivers ne peut pas être tenu pour responsable en cas de problème !

! Station-Drivers can not be held responsible in the event of a problem !

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