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Intel Management Engine (ME/AMT) Firmware Version (S&H)(5Mo)



Version: (5Mo)

Pour: Intel 100-series Corporate Skylake-S and Skylake-H

Inclus: Flash & Info tools.

Attention: Do not try to flash this on mobile LP Skylake-U/Y

-Fixes hang issues with transitioning sleep states during active KVM sessions.
-Fixes an issue where ME may not wake on link.
-Fixes an issue where KVM sessions may not be established if the system is off
or asleep.
-Fixes an issue with initial boot times being extended after performing CMOS
clearing operations or after removing and reapplying AC power.
-Fixes issues with ME going into a sleep state when the system loses power
-Fixes an issue where updating the ME Firmware may not keep the provisioning of
a system. This may require a user to re-provision their system after updating
from a version previous to v11.0.0.1191.
-Fixes an issue where SMI events may be persistent over a ward reset of the
-Fixes an issue where some USB keyboards may become unresponsive after a resume
from Sleep.
-Fixes an issue where the ME IP address disappears after several Sleep cycles.
-Fixes an issue with system hangs on the first boot after a BIOS update.
-Fixes an issue where the Intel WebUI may not be able to wake a system in a
sleep or off state.
-Fixes a sporadic issue where unexpected shutdowns may occur during reboots.
-Fixed issues with Intel MEInfo.

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21 Dec 2015
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