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5 months 4 days ago - 5 months 4 days ago #2638 by Deniska
I successfully upgraded with 1078 firmware my STLAB A-520 card by MARVELL 9230 chipset.
But be attention, that this image.A1 with 1078 firmware is a dump from another card , and it has inside it's own MDU parameters and after that you need to restore your mdu parameters from the backup (from your file with MDU parameters ) even if you made go.bat -e -y and go.bat -y command. Because image already contain some MDU parameters from another card.

We can use go.bat -e -y go.bat -y or go.bat -w -y go.bat -y doesn't metter.
After the procedure you have to restore MDU your parameters from your Backup mdu file by MDU_MAG utility.

If we usually restore clean IMAGE.A1 from the original installation setup (not like dump from the unknown card) we can use go.bat -e -y go.bat -y command to save your own MDU configuration and in that case we don't need to restore it.

MDU parameters need to change some settings, for example it usefull for add HYPERDUO HYBRID mode.

Example how to restore mdu parameters with MDU utility:

"mdu_mag restore_cfg -f 9200.txt", where 9200.txt is your text file with your MDU_PARAMETERS, see MDU utility and HowTo.txt for more info.
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