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Nvidia Quadro Graphics driver 418.81 WHQL ODE

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Version : R418 U1 (418.81) WHQL / Certified
Release Date : 2019.2.5

Full Release Notes :

DriverVer = 01/30/2019,

Release 418 is an ‘Optimal Drivers for Enterprise’ (ODE) branch release. ODE branches are dedicated to long term stability, ideal for use by Independent Software Vendor (ISV) certifications, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), and Enterprise environments.

What’s New in Version 418 U1 :

Added support for Microsoft Windows 10 October 2018 Update (Version 1809).
Added support for Optix 6.0.
Support requires NVIDIA Maxwell or later GPUs.
Smart Clone mode (NVIDIA Control Panel: Display->Set up multiple display->Set Smart Clone with).
Tiled monitors are now treated as a single display so that Mosaic topologies can be configured and disabled more reliably.
Video HVEC Support :
Added H.265 B-frame support for NVIDIA Turing GPUs
Added H.265 444 Decode support for NVIDIA Turing GPUs

Fixed Issues in Version 418 U1 :

[Quadro P1000/P2000]: Implemented and enabled TCC for the referenced products in order to support Windows 10 RDMA.

Windows 10 Open Issues in Version R418 U1 :

[Octane Renderer 3.08]: Rendering a scene with Octane renderer results in a GPU:FAILED error. [200470308]
To work around, downgrade the driver to a previous driver release (410 or 415).
[Warp and Blend]: The system hangs and then crashes after enabling warp-and-blend or per-pixel intensity feature on a custom resolution.
[Assimilate Scratch]: The application may crash due to a kernel exception in the NVIDIA OpenGL driver.
If you encounter this issue, roll back the driver to version 385.90, or disable Deep Color within the application as follows:
From the startup screen choose System Settings.
- In the System Settings Dialog, choose the Advanced tab.
- From the list (under Graphics) select "OpenGL: Disable 'deep color'
- Click the boolean button to turn the setting on.
[Multi-GPU Mosaic]: The secondary GPU does not render video content when played from the Chrome browser in full-screen mode.
[Multi-GPU Mosaic][Quadro Sync]: Application corruption and possible blue-screen crash occurs when enabling WARP while Mosaic and Quadro Sync are enabled.

Windows 7 Open Issues in Version R418 U1 :

[Quadro Sync]: Frame overruns occur on low resolution channels when using QuadroSync swap synchronization.

Desktop/Notebook unified drivers :

NVS/Plex/Quadro/RTX + M Series
Win 10 x64 :

NVS/Plex/Quadro/RTX + M Series
Win 7_8.1 x64 :

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