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6 months 6 days ago - 6 months 6 days ago #3621 COM_KUNENA_BY rvail
The "Synaptics Drivers" category is missing the "Synaptic SMBus Driver" sub-category. The Synaptic SMBus Driver is commonly used by such driver updater utilities as "Driver Max" and "Iobit Driver Booster" (both are excellent; Driver Max has a 2x per day driver download limit for the free version) as an updated driver from the default Microsoft or Intel authored driver.
Example: SMBus driver version dated June 12, 2020 (a copy was found at is actually newer than my existing version dated May 4, 2020.
The SMBus driver is normally targeted towards laptop track pads, but is apparently also useful for desktop machines.
Note: both of those two driver updater programs have an annoying feature of enabling them to run at system startup. Another free software "CCleaner" (portable version) can be used to manage that function.
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