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Z97M Pro4

Written by Fdrsoft on . Posted in Intel Z97 (Serie 9)

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Version Descriptif date Win Rom  Dos 
2.20 Update CPU Microcode. 13/03/18    
1.90 1.Update 5th Generation Intel Core Processors microcode.
2.Add NVME support
1.61 Improve power consumption. 24/02/15    
1.50 1.Update i5-4690K, Pentium Anniversary G3258 EZ-OC table.
2.Update Linux GUID table.
3.Adjust shared memory setting.
4.Update VBIOS
5.Update ME and Microcode
6. Add NVME support
1.30 1. Update C0 microcode to support Pentinum Anniversary.
2. Improve OC ability.