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P9X79-E WS

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Version Descriptif date info DL
1406  1. Improve compatibility for USB3.0.2. Improve stability for chassis fan 3 (CHA_FAN3).
3. Add item "Intel(R) VT-d" when using IvyBridge CPU. 4.
Modify the sting and helping string of PCI Above 4G Decoding. 
1301  1. Improve POST performance. 2. Improve stability for fast boot and RAID. 3. Fix compatibility for Kinesis Anvantage USB keyboard. 4. Improve compatibility for multi-core CPU. 5. Update IRST OpRom to
6. Update Marvell firmware to
1203  . Improved system compatibility.
2. Improve compatibility for Kingston KVR16N11S8/4-SP RX, TX.
3. Patch Intel LAN1 doesn't exist after AC power loss.
4. Support Intel Ivy Bridge-E Series CPU.
1105 1. Optimize resume time for ACPI S3 state.2. Improve compatibility for Intel Phi series for Redhat and Win7.3. Update RSTe to Option ROM and UEFI driver).4. Improve compatibility for LSI 9240-4i.5. Improve compatibility for Promise RAID Card(e.g., FastTrak TX8660...).6. Enhance stability for security module TPM.    





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