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P9X79 WS

Written by Fdrsoft on . Posted in Intel X79 (Serie 7)

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4505  1. Improve compatibility for USB3.0. 2. Improve stability for chassis fan 3 (CHA_FAN3). 3. Patched CPU clock speed value incorrectly. 4. Add item "Intel(R) VT-d" when using IvyBridge CPU. 5. Added "CPU C7 Report" setup item if the CPU is supported. 10/01/14  
4404 1. Improved system compatibility.2. Fix compatibility for Kinesis Anvantage USB keyboard. 
3. Improve compatibility for multi-core CPU.4. Patch compatibility for some Kingston modules.
5. Update IRST OpRom to 
4306 1. Improved system compatibility.2. Enhance stability for security module TPM.3. Add XMP function in EZMode.4. Support Intel Ivy Bridge-E Series CPU.