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B85 Pro4

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Version Descriptif Date Win Rom  Dos 
2.20 1. Update Instant Flash Module.
2. Adjust Intel(R) Smart Connect Technology setting.
3. Support Intel Pentium G3258. 
2.00 1. Add "USB Compatibility Patch" setup option in BIOS.
2. Modify adjust [FIVR Switch Frequency Offset], system cannot resume from S3 issue. 
1.90  Update Intel ME.  
1.80 1. Improve Windows compatibility.
2. Patch Crucial DDR3-4G-1600 and APACER DDR3-1G-1333 memory.
3. BIOS [Case open] option default set to disabled.
4. Improve "UEFI Tech Service" function.
5. Update GPU EZOC table for i3 & Pentium CPU.
6. Update "Driver Download" module.