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H87M Pro4

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2.20 1. Update InstantFlash Module.
2. Support Intel® Pentium® G3258.
3. Adjust "Intel(R) Smart Connect Technology" setting. 
2.10  Update Crashless module.  27/05/14 
2.00  Add "USB Compatibility Patch" setup option in BIOS  17/12/13
1.70 1. Improve Windows compatibility.
2. Patch Crucial DDR3-4G-1600 and APACER DDR3-1G-1333 memory.
3. BIOS [Case open] option default set to disabled.
4. Improve "UEFI Tech Service" function.
5. Update GPU EZOC table for i3 & Pentium CPU.
6. Update "Driver Download" module.




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