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Z97M OC Formula

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Version Descriptif date Win Rom  Dos 
2.50 Update CPU Microcode. 13/03/18    
2.40B beta  1.Enhance M.2 compatibility when using a PCIe to M.2 adapter.
2.Enhance graphic card compatibility.
2.40 1.Update Microcode.
2.Improve M.2 compatibility.
3.Add i7-5775C, i5-5675C EZ-OC table.
2.30 1. Improve VGA card compatibility.
2. Add NVME support.
3. Improve Broadwell CPU compatibility.
1.91 Improve power consumption. 24/02/15    
1.80 1.Update Pentium Anniversary G3258 EZ-OC table.
2.Update Linux GUID table.
3.Adjust shared memory setting.
4.Update VBIOS
5.Update ME and Microcode
6.Add NVME support
7.Improve overclocking compatibility
1.60 1. Improve DRAM compatibility.
2. Add "Intel MEI Recovery" BIOS option. 






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