X99A MPOWER (MS7885)

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X99A MPOWER (MS7885)

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Version Descriptif date info DL
MD1 beta   03/12/18  
MC - Improved memory compatibility.
- Improved USB compatibility.
- Fix MSI Clutch GM60/GM70 mouse cursor jump in windows and BIOS when DPI set over 1000Mhz.
- Update Intel Micro code for security vulnerabilities
M9 -  Support Broadwell-EP and upcoming CPU. - Improved memory compatibility problem. 11/04/16  
M7 -  Updated CRB Code. -  Enhanced TPM function. -  Improved Blue-Ray ODD compatibility.
-  Improved memory compatibility
M7.3 beta   21/11/15  
M6 -  Updated BIOS code.
-  Improved USB3.1 compatibility.
-  Improved USB keyboard compatibility.
-  Improved system stability when MSI Fast Boot is enabled.
-  Improved memory compatibility.
-  Fixed SMART Fan function can not proper work when MSI Fast Boot is enabled.
M5 -  Updated BIOS code.
-  Improved memory compatibility.
-  Enhanced multi language function.
-  Support 5th-Generation Intel Core Processors.





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