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Realtek Bluetooth 4.0/4.2/5 Adapter Driver v1.6/1.7

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SevenOptimus écrit:

SM-003 écrit: My realtek bt h/w ids are

I wanna know what's the proper BT codec id for my H/w Id from the following


And what is the latest driver version available for it? Is it v1.7.1022.3004 or v1.8.1026.3000?

And is there any full installer driver released for the latest version 1.8.1026.3000?

It appears to be related to the 8723 but not specifically one of those listed there. The driver v1.8.1026.3000 is available from here: but if you check the INF file, you can see that it doesn't support your Hardware ID. v1.7.1022.3004 also doesn't support it. The latest that does seem to support it seems to be v1.7.1019.3002, available from

I installed the very recent & latest v1.8.1027.3000 (30th April 2020) today via device manager by locating the INF file manually.
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