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Version Descriptif date info DL
1.8 -  Patched WHQL Issues.
-  Updated BIOS Code.
-  Improved onboard Realtek Lan still can be workable after "Onboard LAN Controller" is disabled.
-  Improved VGA compatibility.
-  Improved Blue-Ray ODD compatibility
1.7   Updated BIOS code to support 5th-Generation Intel Core Processors
***Support 5th-Generation Intel CPU requires VGA driver version or later
1.6 -  Updated VBIOS and GOP driver.
-  Updated CPU Micro code to support new Intel CPU.
-  Improved SAMSUNG M.2 compatibility.
-  Improved Asmedia SATA device compatibility.
1.4 Removed 1024MB option in "Integrated Graphics Share Memory" of BIOS.
-  Adjusted CPU fan down time back to 0.3 sec.
-  Improved USB keyboard compatibility.
-  Improved memory compatibility.
-  Enhanced MFlash function.
-  Improved some BIOS items can not be changed after clear CMOS 
 1.3 -  Enhanced EIST function when use non turbo boost CPU.
-  Improved USB device compatibility.
-  Improved S3 function.
-  Improved PS2 device compatibility when "MSI Fast Boot" is enabled.
-  Improved G3258 compatibility.
1.2 -  Improved memory compatibility.
-  Adjust OC Genie setting to have better performance with Haswell-Refresh K and G3258 processors.
-  Improved M-Flash USB pen drive compatibility.
-  Updated Intel RC code.
-  Improved VGA compatibility.
1.1   Enhanced OC Call Back function. -  Updated BIOS Code Base. -  Updated MSI GESII Module. -  Improved USB compatibility. -  Improved S4 resume function. 20/05/14  
1.0   23/04/13  




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