Intel ME Firmware Version (5Mo)
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Intel ME Firmware Version (5Mo)

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  • - Intel AMT network connectivity is disabled if a non-vPro CPU is replaced by a vPro CPU during the manufacturing flow. 
  •  - MEINFO displays 'No Intel WLAN card installed' for Wireless Hardware ID and Wireless LAN Hardware when PCI bus is large.
  • - During stress testing of ME Wake on WLAN in S3, system may fail to exit Moffand transition to S5 state.
  • - AMT_IPv6 address is not updated in Intel IMSS when IPv6 is enabled in WebUI on a Wireless Only platform.
  • - WebUI displays Upgrade Method correctly however DTK displays it as 'unknown'
  • - System remains in reset status and is stick at postcode 0000 when using a HSW-R 2+2 processor.
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