Aquantia Aqtion Command Center Version
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Aquantia Aqtion Command Center Version

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Submitted On:
07 Jan 2019

Aquantia Aqtion Command Center (ACC) Version sous Windows 64bits pour AQC107-AQC108-AQN107-AQN-108-AQC-100-AQN-100

The Aquantia® AQtion Command Center is a hardware-software product that aids you in prioritizing packet traffic through your PC system. The hardware component in this combination is the Aquantia AQN-107 network interface card (NIC), and the software component is the AQtion Command Center application that you download and install on your PC system.

The AQtion Command Center lets you configure and assign a priority for each of your application’s packets so that you can optimize your Internet experience whether it be streaming videos, general browsing, or on-line gaming

(Source Aquantia)
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04 Jun 2019
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