Intel Management Engine (ME) Firmware Version (LP)(5Mo)
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Intel Management Engine (ME) Firmware Version (LP)(5Mo)



Date & Version: 2018/10/03, (5Mo)

Pour: Intel 100/200/300-series Corporate LP chipsets

Plateform: SPT/KBP

Release Note: Fixed an issue where PXE Boot might fail after configuring Intel AMT.

Type: Region Stock

SKU: Corporate LP

Rev: C0

Inclus: Firmware, Flash & Info tools.

Warning for PCH-LP 100-series systems:  

Make sure to mind the firmware PDM status which is distinguished between YPDM (Yes) and NPDM (No). PDM stands for 'Power Down Mitigation' and is some sort of erratum, which is only relevant to 100-series PCH-LP systems. Thus, it is an attribute of every CSME v11.x firmware which supports 100-series PCH-LP systems. The PDM status of a firmware can be detected by ME Analyzer. It is suggested to update from YPDM to YPDM and from NPDM to NPDM. From what has been observed, flashing from NPDM to YPDM or vice versa completes successfully in most cases. However, sometimes it can cause FWUpdate errors mid-way which can usually be solved by reflashing after a reboot. 

! Station-Drivers ne peut pas être tenu pour responsable en cas de problème !

! Station-Drivers can not be held responsible in the event of a problem !

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Fdrsoft (admin)
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8 730 432 octets
File Version: (LP)(5Mo)
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Submitted On:
30 Oct 2018
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