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2 years 10 months ago - 2 years 10 months ago #394 by joro_abv

2. Aaaah ... it's a typo, of course :-). My laptop is G751 ... G751JY to be more precise.

what is the hardware ID number of the onboard Realtek audio for the ASUS G751JY laptop PC? use the link below to find the hardware ID number of the Realtek audio device:

remove/uninstall the Realtek UAD drivers along with the and switch back to using Realtek HDA drivers, joro_abv.
the Realtek UAD drivers and the Realtek audio console do not reliably support your ASUS laptop (hence RPC service errors)

I found out that the ASUS G751JY laptop uses Maxxaudio according to its specs .

Use either 8531 or 8536 FF06 HDA driver pack, find a working Maxx Audio Installer (x64).msi and MaxxAudio_data.cab file from the original drivers and install the Maxxaudio app instead.

First of all - again many thanks @erpster96 for your kind help. My Realtek hardware ID is : "HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0668&SUBSYS_104312FF&REV_1000". I inspected the inf files - the UAD drivers install only if the more common HDXRT.inf is present, cause "HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0668" is listed there. My audio is not listed in the Asus inf files, so installing Asus specific UAD drivers does not work on my system.
Yet - the UAD drivers are lighter and, believe it or not - I feel it on my system especially when booting. They also sound pretty well (most versions :-)), so I'm absolutely happy with them. I never used MaxxAudio when I was on the HDA drivers and my first task on driver update was to turn it off actually. The only glitch with the UAD drivers is the failing UWP app. I'm also not sure if the acoustic echo cancellation is working fine on the mic, which I actually find useful, but well ... let's say I'll accept it. So if I don't manage to make the UWP app run - I can live with that and 99% will stick with the UAD drivers anyway ... better if it starts working, though :-))).

Edit : Soooo ... It was all my fault !!! I'm keeping my post above, but it all actually changed. While I was writing it, I actually realized that probably I'm using an installation batch file that is not written specific for my system needs ! It was the same file I used with 8501, but for some reason it was not working any more. I might broke it at some point or something changed with the inf files, I don't know.
So, reviewed all inf files that were installed by the batch and checked against my hardware ID ... and there it is the light bulb moment - the batch was installing HDXRT, HDXASUS and HDX_AsusExt_RTK inf files, but not the HDX_GenericExt_RTK.inf, where the aforementioned generic ...0668 hardware ID is listed. I added it and voila - UWP app running in all it's greatness ! Problem solved ! Thanks @erpster96 and sorry for wasting your precious time.
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2 years 10 months ago #395 by KaoDome
Thank you everything erpster96! You've clarified some of my doubts!

And you were right of course, the card in my 5568 isn't compatible with the drivers supplied for the 5570 or the 5580, but I'm using the latest HDA FF06 non-beta drivers provided by ex58 (8536) and they seem to work fine. I didn't understand what you meant by saving the MaxxAudio application files that are bundled with the Dell downloads, the FF06 package ex58 provided seems to provide that equalizer and from what I could tell changing settings in the Dell Audio app it works (MaxxAudio appears there).

But I'm saving them nonetheless, I wonder why Dell in particular doesn't provide updated audio drivers, I mean, surely the fix bugs and improve things.

Regarding my 5570 (I'm writing from it now), the hardware ID for the card is HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0256&SUBSYS_10280810 and at the moment I have installed the ones I listed as being for the Dell Inspiron 5580, those 8485.

I searched for that ID through the files I had around here which were: the ones officially supplied for the laptop (8425), the ones supplied for 5580 (8485), the FF06 version of 8536 and the FF0C version of 8536. And it seems to appear in all of them! HDAMA7.inf and HDXMA7.inf seem to support the card.

And in Dell's drivers it's HDXDELLCSMB2018.inf and HDX_DellCSMBExt_WAVES.inf and DellAudioExtWaves.inf. I think you can understand my going crazy with all this.

I usually go with the latest version of the drivers that support the hardware I can find, regardless of the manufacturer (e.g. Lenovo may have a newer version of the AHCI drivers than the one Dell provides). But with Realtek audio cards it's nuts, not only upstream (Realtek themselves) provide outdated drivers but there are so many versions to choose from that I don't even know what to use.

I know, I know, all of this is probably way overthinking it and I should get ones that work fine and that's it; but the perfectionist side of me is killing me over this haha.

By the way! I found the download link for the one you mentioned that's compatible with the card in the 5568, it's here if anybody needs it: Dell 8248 (HDA)

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2 years 10 months ago #397 by SM-003
any generic WHQL Driver after 8536

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2 years 10 months ago #398 by ex58
Realtek Audio Universal Service
RealtekAPO 11.0.6000.645
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2 years 10 months ago #400 by ex58
Realtek HD Audio Driver WHQL

8541_FF00 Generic

Win 7,10 x32/64
PackageVersion = PG468
DriverVer= 09/18/2018,
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2 years 10 months ago #401 by ToonNunes
I Installed the driver 8536_FF03_PG468_Win10_RS1_RS2_RS3_RS4_Win7_WHQL with Sonic Studio III in my Asus Z370-F but the RtkNGUI64 not working. some solution?

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