Intel Management Engine (ME/AMT) Firmware Version


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Date & Version: 2023/05/24, (1.5Mo) 

Release: Production

SKU: Consumer H

Type: Region Stock

Plateform: KBP/BSF/GCF-H A SPT-H D

Revision: D0

Pour: Intel 100/200/300-series 

Inclus: Firmware 1.5Mo 

Release Note:

  • Security update.
  •  Mitigated the following security vulnerabilities: INTEL-TA-00783 (IPU 2023.3) - CVE-2022-36392; CVE-2022-29871
  • Fixed an issue where Intel ME shows recovery mode when Intel WLAN is plugged in - Fixed the following security vulnerabilities: CVE-2022-26845; CVE-2022-27497; CVE-2022-29893; CVE-2021-33159; CVE-2022-29466; CVE-2022-29515
  • * Security update.
  • * Security update.
  • * Security update.
  • * Security update.
  • * Security update.
  • * Security update. * Resolved a TLS provisioning issue resulting in a yellow bang on the Management Engine Interface device in the Device Manager.
  • * Security update. * Fixed a login issue with Intel AMT WebUI when using Google Chrome.
  • * Security update. * Resolves an issue where PXE boot may not work if AMT is configured. * Resolves an issue where the mouse and keyboard will not wake the display when a KVM session is opened. * Resolves an issue where ME may not function after a FW update.
  • * Security update. * Resolves a global reset issue when enabling and disabling Intel ME from BIOS setup. * Resolves an issue with Intel ME becoming non-functional after a FW update. * Resolves AMT provisioning issues.
  • * Security update. * Fixes a power on issue after enabling or disabling AMT features in system BIOS. * Fixes an issue where older versions of the FWUpdate tool fail to flash/update the Intel ME FW. * Fixes an issue with MEInfoWin64.exe erroneously reporting unsupported hardware/platform.
  • * System may not boot after disabling and then re-enabling Intel Management Engine. * Add support for Verisign EV Provisioning certificate. * Fixed false FWSTS (FW Status) results when ME is in recovery mode. * Fixed an issue where FWUpdate state would remain enabled.
  • * Security update.
  • * Fixes an issue with Intel Management Engine becoming permanently unresponsive if power is lost during the Intel ME firmware update process. * Fixes a DASH 2.0 compliance issue with certain profiles.
  • * Fixes a flash issue with the OEM ID Verification in EFI and DOS. * Fixes a flash issue in Windows 7 where the flash process would hang at 99%. * Fixes a system hang issue when running MEInfo in EFI with iTouch enabled. * Fixes cold boot issues in Windows 7 (hang and BSE crash). * Fixes a black screen hang when upgrading from ME FW 11.0.xx.xxxx to 11.8.xx.xxxx. * Security update. * Security update. * Fixes issues with playing protected content. * Fixes a system hang issue during power cycling. * Fixes an intermittent MEI (Management Engine Interface) yellow bang issue when resuming from Hibernate.
  • * Fixes issue with keyboard, mouse, and trackpads not being responsive after flashing ME FW
  • * Fixes system hangs and black screens during hibernation (suspend/resume). * Fixes LAN link speeds when resuming from S3. * Fixes intermittent yellow bangs on the Intel MEI (Management Engine Interface) device.
  • * Security update. * Fixes fail to boot issues in certain corner case scenarios. * Resolves an issues pertaining to clearing CMOS variables. * Resolves an issue where ME will enter recovery mode after power cycling.
  • * Support for Intel Xeon v6 CPUs in additional to Core i7, i5, and i3 CPUs. * Security update. * Resolves a system hang during power management operations such as entering Sleep, Hibernate, or Shutting down. 

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Fdrsoft (admin)
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23 May 2024
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