Z170 Classified 4-Way

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Z170 Classified 4-Way

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Version Descriptif date info DL

Improving Memorycompatibility

Improved NVMe device legacy boot time

Various smaller issues fixed


 Improving NVMe device compatibility

Add secure boot support

Fix event ID 12 issue after S3 resume

Various smaller issues fixed 


 Improved boot time and support for fast boot function

Improved memory compatibility

Fixed issue with Intel 750 NVME drives not being able to install  windows when boot mode is set to legacy.

Can now install Windows 7 on an E179

Turbo mode is now hidden when EIST is disabled.

Fixed BIOS issue that showed you were in the overclocking section when you were in Security section in Boot. 


Improved memory compatibility, Improved CPU overclocking, Various bug fixes.




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