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Marvell/Aquantia AQC113CS (10Gbps) Firmware Version 1.5.39 (2)


Full screenshots disabled

Marvell/Aquantia AQC113CS (10Gbps) Firmware Version 1.3.39

Origine: Asus (Generique)

Code IDs:

pciid vid='1d6a' did='14c0' sdid='1001' svid='1d6a' /
pciid vid='1d6a' did='04c0' sdid='88fb' svid='103c' /
pciid vid='1d6a' did='14c0' sdid='1005' svid='7053' /
pciid vid='1d6a' did='14c0' sdid='e000' svid='1458' /
pciid vid='1d6a' did='94c0' sdid='7d26' svid='1462' /
pciid vid='1d6a' did='94c0' sdid='07f2' svid='1028' /
pciid vid='1d6a' did='94c0' sdid='0b22' svid='1028' /
pciid vid='1d6a' did='94c0' sdid='0a3a' svid='1028' /
pciid vid='1d6a' did='94c0' sdid='0a3c' svid='1028' /
pciid vid='1d6a' did='14c0' sdid='88fb' svid='103c' /
pciid vid='1d6a' did='04c0' sdid='0a3a' svid='1028' /
pciid vid='1d6a' did='04c0' sdid='0b22' svid='1028' /
pciid vid='1d6a' did='04c0' sdid='0a3c' svid='1028' /
pciid vid='1d6a' did='04c0' sdid='0c61' svid='1028'

pciid vid='1d6a' did='94c0' sdid='8812' svid='1043' /
pciid vid='1d6a' did='94c0' sdid='875f' svid='1043' /
pciid vid='1d6a' did='94c0' sdid='87f5' svid='1043' /
pciid vid='1d6a' did='04c0' sdid='8890' svid='1043' /

pciid vid='1d6a' did='14c0' sdid='1101' svid='1d6a' /
pciid vid='1d6a' did='93c0' sdid='1102' svid='1d6a' /
pciid vid='1d6a' did='12c0' sdid='1103' svid='1d6a' /

pciid vid='1d6a' did='07b1' sdid='1046' svid='17aa' />
pciid vid='1d6a' did='14c0' sdid='1056' svid='17aa' /
pciid vid='1d6a' did='14c0' sdid='104e' svid='17aa' /

pciid vid='1d6a' did='14c0' sdid='1c1d' svid='15d9' /

pciid vid='1d6a' did='14c0' sdid='1c1c' svid='15d9' /

pciid vid='1d6a' did='94c0' sdid='7403' svid='16b8' /

pciid vid='1d6a' did='04c0' sdid='0001' svid='1d6a' /

pciid vid='1d6a' did='07b1' sdid='1046' svid='17aa' /

pciid vid='1d6a' did='14c0' sdid='3019' svid='8086' /

pciid vid='1d6a' did='14c0' sdid='0a39' svid='1028' /
pciid vid='1d6a' did='04c0' sdid='0a3a' svid='1028' /
pciid vid='1d6a' did='04c0' sdid='0aa6' svid='1028' /

pciid vid='1d6a' did='04c0' sdid='1b57' svid='15d9' /

pciid vid='1d6a' did='04c0' sdid='8094' svid='1bcf' /

Sous: Windows

Release note: na

Inclus: Firmwares & Utilitties

Submitted By:
Fdrsoft (admin)
Submitted On:
19 Jun 2024
File Size:
3,618.50 Kb
File Version:
1.5.39 (2)
File Author:
File HomePage:
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