intel Management Engine (ME) Firmware Version (S-H)(1.5Mo)(Asus)
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intel Management Engine (ME) Firmware Version (S-H)(1.5Mo)(Asus)


  • Intel Management Engine (ME) Firmware Version (S-H)(1.5Mo)
  • Origine: Asus
  • Date & Version:  2021/03/04, (1.5Mo) 
  • Chipset Stepping: CNP-H-A
  • Region: Extracted
  • SKU: Consumer H (1.5Mo)
  • PMC: (01/02/22) New
  • Pour: Z490, H470, Q470, H410, W480, ... (400 Serie)
  • Power Management Controller:
  • Inclus: Flash, Info tools & Firmware.
  • Note: MEUpdateTool
    Intel has identified security issue that could potentially place impacted platform at risk.
    Use ME Update tool to update your ME.
    *We suggest you update ME Driver to the latest Version simultaneously.
    Please download the file and check the MD5 code first.
    MD5: f962fbb33231ad96ecc8b10f742c6402
  • Release:
  • [Important updates]
     - Mitigated the following security vulnerabilities:
       CVE-2020-8704, CVE-2020-24507, CVE-2020-24516, CVE-2020-8703, CVE-2020-24506
    [Problem fixes]
     - Fixed an issue wherein RCO power-down command results in power-cycle after 1 selective-suspend entry even if it is no longer in SS.
     - Fixed an issue wherein UUT could not wake up from S3/S4 after plug LAN cable when do Wake on Link test
     - Fixed an issue wherein IsPasswordSet value shows false after set admin/system psw locally 
     - Fixed an issue wherein system is not receiving Link-Up Indication on LAN in a timely manner
     - Fixed an issue wherein SUT could not find Intel® ME client when flash BIOS via fpt.efi -f BIOS -savemac on shell mode
  • Forum:  Station-Drivers

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  ! Station-Drivers can not be held responsible in the event of a problem !

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Fdrsoft (admin)
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File Version: (S-H)(1.5Mo)(Asus)
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13 Jun 2021
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