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Pour chipsets ICH & PCH Z68/Z77/Z97/X99/H77/H87/Z170/....


Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000/Atom(TM) Processor E3800 Series/Intel(R) Celeron(R) Processor N2920/J1900/HD Graphics 4400/HD Graphics 4600/HD Graphics 4600/HD Graphics Family/HD Graphics 5000/Iris(TM) Graphics 5100/Iris(TM) Pro Graphics 5200/Iris(TM) Pro Graphics 5200/HD Graphics P4600/P4700'...


3rd generation Intel(R) Core(TM), 2nd generation Intel(R) Core, 4th Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) Processor Platform, 5th Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) Processor Platform, 6th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) processor family , ...


Intel(R) HD Graphics/Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000/Intel(R) HD Graphics P3000/...


 Management Engine Interface (MEI) pour chipsets Z68/Z77/Z87/Z97/X99/H77/....


Rapid Storage Technology (RST) pour chipsets ICH & PCH


Pour Chipset X99, X299, ...


USB 3.0 & USB 3.1 pour chipsets Z270/Z170/Z77/Z87/Z97/H77/H87/H97/....

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