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Z370 SLI PLUS (MS7B46)

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Version Descriptif date info DL
A4.1 beta  Improve cpu over voltage when cpu overclocking 09/04/18  
A3 -  Update RST 16.0
-  Improve memory compatibility.
-  Improve USB mouse compatibility.
-  Update Intel Micro code for security vulnerabilities
A3.1 beta   12/018  
A2 -  Update RST 15.9
-  Improve memory compatibility.
-  Update CPU Microcode.
A1 -  Fix throttling issue when use 8700 cpu to run Prime95 burning test.
-  Improve memory compatibility.
-  Enhance Game boost function.
-  Fix monitor is not able to turn on after resume from S3 mode via lan wake up event.
Update Intel ME for security vulnerabilities
A0 New BIOS Release 26/09/17  










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