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Version Descriptif date info DL
A5 -  Fix TPM issue.
-  Improve USB compatibility.
-  Modify Optane setting.
-  Update Intel Micro code for security vulnerabilities
A5.2 beta   26/04/18  
A5.1 beta Improve cpu over voltage when cpu overclocking 20/04/18  
A4 -  Update RST 16.0
-  Improve memory compatibility.
-  Improve USB mouse compatibility.
-  Update Intel Micro code for security vulnerabilities
A3 -  Update RST 15.9
-  Improve memory compatibility.
-  Update CPU Microcode.
A2 Fix throttling issue when use 8700 cpu to run Prime95 burning test.
-  Improve memory compatibility.
-  Enhance Game boost function.
-  Fix monitor is not able to turn on after resume from S3 mode via lan wake up event.
Update Intel ME for security vulnerabilities
A1  Fix USB 3.1 can not wake up from S5 mode properly. 29/09/17  
A0 New BIOS Release 26/09/17  











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