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Version Descriptif date info DL
1203 Improved DRAM compatibility.Fixed SAMSUNG M.2 device issue.Fixed SanDisk M.2 device issue.
Fixed AMD SSD device issue. Fixed SteelSeries Keyboard issue.Update CPU MicroCode
1009 1.Improved device compatibility.2.Update SKL/KBL CPU microcode.3.Improve system performance and stability.
4.Improve system boot time.5.Fixed Logitech device issue.6.Fixed Hot-key function.
0906 1.Complete support for Intel® Optane Memory 2.Fixed PXE issue. 3.Fixed M.2 device issue (Plextor)
4.Fixed MemTest86 issue in multi-CPU selection modes
0801 1.Improved PS2 devices/VGA card compatibility 2.Modified OA key function in legacy OS. 3.Improved System Performance. 4.Fixed overclocking profile naming issue. 5.Modified Thermal Control function 24/02/17  
0701  Improve system stability 04/01/17   






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